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How to Choose Your Playa del Carmen Fishing Charter Boat

Is Bigger Really Better? Yeah, all other things being equal, they really are. They are roomier, they generally ride better but they cost more.

Bigger charter boats are better . . . up to a point. We know that bigger costs more, don't we? But is it worth the extra money? Well, it depends. If you want more luxury, smoother riding, etc. Yeah! Go for it. That's what it's all about.

But if you are trying to bring the maximum amount of guests there can be other considerations as well.

Playa del Carmen Fishing Charter Boats
Our 32' Blackfin Next to "their" 46' Bertram

Check out this photo. That's a 32' Blackfin next to a 46' Bertram.

It's all about usable space.

The important area on a fishing charter boat is the "cockpit". Unlike an airplane, the term "cockpit" doesn't refer to the helm. The term "cockpit" refers to the "fishing platform". That is the area in the back of the boat where the action takes place. That is where the fishermen and observers are.

Wasted space?

The area below decks is called the cabin. This includes the "salon" (a living room type area) and the "head" (bathroom) and on large boats, "state rooms" (bedrooms).

The cockpit . . .

The cockpit is where the action is. That is where the fishermen and observers want to be. Not below decks.

Look at the above picture again!

Look at the cockpit in both boats. Yes! Your eyes aren't fooling you. The cockpit in the 32' Blackfin is longer than on the 46' Bertram!!

We have a 46' Bertram available as well. And believe me, it's a lot nicer than our competitor's above. And you put up to 12 people on that 46' Bertram but in actual fact the "working area" on the 32' Blackfin is just as large!

Why is that? Because the Blackfin was designed to be a "fishing boat", not a "house boat"!

If you want a better solution for your 12 guests, check out our new 45' Viking Express! That's a boat from the premier builder of Sportfishing Yachts and it was built from the ground up for fishing. Rather than depending on 50 year old designs it is an open/express. This modern design brings the cockpit together with a HUGE helm area. Of course, it has a full air conditioned cabin as well but who wants to be down there when you can be in on the action.

Playa del Carmen Fishing Charter 45' Viking
Our 45' Viking Express Available for Charter!

When you look at our boats and compare them to the competition, make a note of the size of the "cockpits" on our boats and the corresponding outside lounge areas. You can't help to see why our boats are so much more comfortable for the assigned task. FISHING!!

Check out the size of the cockpit on our 53' Hatteras! It's huge! This boat was designed for fishing! With the huge deck and the huge bridge area and you've got enough space for a band and a square dance! The cabin is incredibly spacious as well.

How many anglers should we put on a boat?

That's not an easy question. There are variables involved. Wedding parties, for example, often like to fish together. We want all of our anglers to have a chance at catching nice fish.

For groups of eight anglers or more we can also offer two or more boats. That often lays the groundwork for some absolutely fun competition between the boats. Having your own private tournament adds to the fun!

No matter what your needs, we can accomodate you. This is simply something to consider.


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