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What to Look for in a Charter

Here are a few thoughts to help you in search for the perfect charter.

Location, Location, Location.

If you've chosen Puerto Aventuras as the best location for your fishing charter, you're ahead of the game.

1. Quality of Crews

This may also seem obvious. Unfortunately some of the charter crews are in a rut. They have their cookie cutter routines and "go through the motions".

Then there are those crews who are truly "gung ho". They want to catch fish at least as much as you do!

At Wasabi Loco, our crews are the best of the best. They are English speaking and average well over ten years of experience in these waters.

For these guys, every day is a tournament. They work hard and if you read our reviews you will see that this is a common theme among them.

2. Quality of Boats

Again, obvious, but often overlooked.

The best indication of the quality of the boat is simply "how does it look?" If a boat is properly cared for, it is easy to tell. Look at the outside of the hull. Is it clean or are there rust marks from the bilge pumps? Is it truly clean? Check out the "head" areas.

It is a lot of work owning and caring for a boat. A good crew, supervised by good owners are constantly spending time and money on maintenance. The look of the boat will tell the story.

Internet photos can't always be trusted. Too many times they are more like a dating site where the photos dont match reality!

One thing is for sure!

You sure can't trust hotels, internet forums, street vendors. In most cases you'll find they've never even been to the marina!

So, Who can you trust?

Wasabi Loco 5 Star Reviews
Check Out Our 5 Star Reviews!

Trust your fellow travelers/anglers. Read what they have to say. Don't just read a few of the "positive" reviews. Look over the "not so good" reviews as well.

These reviews are written by people just like you!


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