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What About Large Groups?

Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Reunions, Large Family Groups?

You have special needs and we can help you.

We have several, stunning boats that are suitable for larger groups. The 45' Viking Express is a modern, up to date boat that is air conditioned, clean and absolutely beautiful. It is absolutely perfect as it allows everyone to gather in one pit. Our 46' Bertram and our 53' Hatteras, are updated and clean and offer roomy quarters.

The first thing to establish is how many people want to catch fish?

This is an important question when it comes to loading a boat. We can do up to eight anglers or even sixteen or more on our large boats. If you are an avid angler and you want to catch fish, there's nothing worse than being number eight in rotation when you only catch seven fish!

With all of that said, we can certainly handle 16+ total people on our large boats quite easily.

IF you have more than 10 people going out, you should absolutely consider more than one boat. By splitting up your party you greatly increase the anglers' chances of catching a fish.

It is also great fun to have "mini" tournaments. When you have more than one boat. It's amazing how much fun it is just to have a bit of competition. Prizes can be as simple as a case of beer or even monetary.

If you want to put twelve or more people on a boat, keep in mind that you are possibly sacrificing angler success.

We can make everyone comfortable and of course snorkeling is a very enjoyable experience while cruising the pristine waters of the Caribbean. And you can still catch fish


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