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How Much Will My Taxi Cost?

Before you start your Playa del Carmen fishing trip, you have to get to the Puerto Aventuras Marina. Fortunately, we are a popular destination. Puerto Aventuras is easily accessible from Puerto Morelos and Cancun from the North and Tulum and Akumal from the South. The most common method of transportation for tourists is a commercial taxi. The local taxis are all part of a "collective" and their rates are fixed.

Mexico Taxi Driver
Mexico Taxi's Are Readily Available

I often get asked about taxi fares and honestly, I am usually at a loss for an answer. I did come up with something that should help.

These posted rates are for taxi rides originating in Puerto Avfenturas and terminating at various Riviera Maya Resorts. All you have to do is find your hotel or location and the price is listed. These rates are for one way.

Hope this helps!

Puerto Aventuras Taxi Rates
Puerto Aventuras Taxi Rates


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