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What About Non-Anglers?

It's important to keep non-anglers happy!

snorkel with seaturtle
Enjoy Nature's Wildlife Actually in the Wild. Not in a park!

For those of us who love fishing, we can forget that non-anglers can find it tedious.

There's nothing I love better than trolling. Listening to the sound of those diesels as we cruise across some of the most beautiful water in the world. Watching those lines for any signs of a strike.

Sometimes we troll for hours and then have a half an hour of total pandemonium. It's fantastic!

When traveling with your wife/girlfriend/children they often want to go with you. They may not care that much about fishing but they want to be with you.

But, it can be easy for them to get bored.

It's nice, especially for the non-anglers to mix in some snorkeling. After all, this is the second biggest reef system in the world! Our captains know where to go. Places you won't find on your own.

There's nothing like swimming with some sea turtles to freshen everybody up. It helps to break the monotony for everyone.

Let us know if you are interested. We keep some snorkeling gear on the boat for you!

With visibility often as good as 180', it's like snorkeling in an aquarium.


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